Ivan Beecroft’s New Single Believe

Written By: Yvonne Glasgow


According to the bio for Ivan Beecroft’s new single, Believe, it “is a bittersweet slightly desperate song about relationships in the context of the difficulties of our times.” The song has a good edge to it, something you can here in Beecroft’s vocals and in the sounds of the instruments themselves. It’s a song that makes you listen and makes you need to understand what the singer wants you to feel. It’s a song that also allows you to feel your own feelings. The words are just as intense as the song itself:


Hold on close to what you’re seeing

It might not last all night

Hold on tight to what you’re feeling

It might not last your life


Relationships can sometimes be fickle creatures, even when you feel like you’ve found someone you click with on an immense level. People change, they grow, and sometimes they grow right out of relationships. Sometimes mistakes are made. And then they breed lyrics to songs like this.


Anyone that likes a rock sound that has more of a beat to it, almost bordering on pop music, will find the sound of this song pleasurable. Beecroft’s music has been compared to the likes of The Doors and Collective Soul. There may even be a little Barenaked Ladies in there. It’s definitely a good sound and worth a listen. You can check it out on Soundcloud:  https://soundcloud.com/grapesofwrath-720450260/believe

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