An Interview WIth Vendetta Red

Written By: Anya Svirskaya

Side Stage Magazine: A few years ago you the band took a very long break. What was the reason for it, and did you all personally continue with music or just took a break from the whole scene and each other?
We took a break because I was seriously depressed about what I perceived as a gigantic failure and I needed to do something brand new that didn’t have the pressure of a major band with a bad history. So I formed a great band called Sirens Sister and developed a career as a singer in various bands doing weddings, casinos, and the like.
Burke made some great records with Loaded, and Megasapien. So yeah we kept very very busy


How does it feel to make the move to Cleopatra Records?
It feels fucking great to have a solid label putting out the music this time. We are all very inspired and ready to conquer the world.


How would you describe working on new material as a band for the first time in a while?
The songs are a lot more fun than they have been in a long time. We are challenging ourselves with stuff we’ve never done before and having a fucking blast.


The band announced that the goal is for a Summer/Fall release. Have any songs been demoed or recorded?
We are demoing them in February and should be finished with the record come April.


When can we expect to hear some new music ?
Hopefully April.


Are there any touring plans in the works?
Yes We are trying to solidify a booking arrangement as we speak.


Do you have any final words and message to your fans?
Never underestimate the power of being a good person. When presented with a choice, Always do the most awesome thing….. “Be excellent to each other” -Bill and Ted

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