Honest John’s Used Cars- No Credit/No Problem

Written By: Yvonne Glasgow

Grand Rapids’ residents that have spent any time hanging out at open mic nights over the years have probably heard about Honest John, may have seen him perform, and might even personally know him. He’s a friendly face, a passionate fan of local music, and a budding musician himself. 
In 2017 Honest John released this stellar album that features some great singers singing songs that he himself wrote. Each of the ten songs on this CD/album is sung by a different person, making it an interesting collection and something truly unique to listen to. 
The songs each have a folk-ish sound, sometimes mixed with blues and sometimes country. “I Will Always Remember” has kind of a jazzy sound. It’s a very eclectic collection of songs. Honest John Kowalko sings on only one of the songs, “No Money Blues.” This is the stand-out track on the album. It embraces the blues sound and makes you want to say “yep, me too.”
This is an A+ endeavor from a clever musician that knows what being a singer/songwriter is all about. His songs tell stories and he shares them with other amazing musicians/singers. He is up for a local Jammie Award, a yearly contest put on by local radio station WYCE 88.1. 
How can you get a copy? Look up Honest John Kowalko on FB and shoot him a message!
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