Hasty Page’s Distance

Written By: Zaneta Padilla


Hasty Page is an alternative band from New York of 3. Each band member juggles two instruments and vocals to contribute to a dynamic sound. Distance is the band’s first full album. It features beautiful cover art of an illustrated night sky over a mountain scape and a speck of a human silhouette, creating a sense of wonderment.

“Hivemind” starts the album on a good note with a poppy beat and a catchy melody that will stay in your head the rest of the day.

“Lower Light” slows the tempo down and features a bluesy guitar riffs. With poignant lyrics like “if you have the strength to burn the world, you have the strength to die alone” and the chorus line”lower light came crashing through my veins,” this song really pulls in listeners.

“Of His Own” and “Martyr” have a harder edge with heavier guitar and grittier vocals than the other tracks.

“Military Song” stands out to me with its military-like drum beat. With lyrics like “military song to remember how to be strong,” it’s a great song to listen to for motivation or encouragement.

“If I Fall” ends the album beautifully in an unplugged style with the piano and guitar plucking complimenting each other harmoniously. The vocals of this song are more mellow and intimate than the other tracks. This is a great romantic song with the line that repeats through the song, “If you’ll be the one to catch me if I fall again, and if I say that I’ll stay true to you, will you stay true to me?”

This is a fantastic album. There’s great variety with each song, but they all complement one another and give Hasty Page their own unique sound. From the album art, to the lyrics, this album really pulls in every listener. Check out their album, and stay up-to-date with their band at www.hastypageband.com

Track List
1. Hivemind

2. Color Blind

3. Lower Light

4. 17 Saints

5. Sun Shower

6. Aphonia

7. Of His Own

8. Martyr

9. Military Song

10. If I Fall.

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