Hannah Rose and the GravesTones’ Awake In A Dream

Written By: Yvonne Glasgow

Grand Rapids’ Hannah Rose Graves is the face at the front of Hannah Rose and the GravesTones (which is a clever name, by the way). According to the band’s Bandcamp profile, they are an “ever evolving [sic] group of top notch [sic] musicians dedicated to pushing the envelope one show at a time.” 
Much like many of the talented musical acts coming out of this rich and diverse area, Graves’ music combines elements of numerous genres in her songs. While at once being funk or bluesy, the music also embodies a rock sound and sometimes a vibe of pop fun and freedom. 
Past Jammy Awards winners (a musical award competition that happens every year in Grand Rapids, put on by the locally run radio station 88.1 WYCE), Hannah Rose and her troupe are up for a Jammy again this year with this new release from 2017.
“Down at the Bottom” has a great funky beat. You’ll be amazed at Hannah Rose’s vocals. They are powerful, laced with somewhat of a country sound… almost. This song is groovy.
“Inkwell” at once seems to slow things down, yet turns out to be another upbeat song. The musicians backing Hanna Rose are extremely talented, that’s easy to hear. 
“Take It Slow” is the standout track on this release. It’s a beautifully arranged song that sounds like a combination of blues and pop. This gives you a true feel of how amazing Hannah Rose’s vocals are. Unique and talented.
Keep listening, there are three more tracks for you to enjoy and discover for the first time!
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