Groupoem’s ‘Dirt Church’

Written By: Yvonne Glasgow


If you’re looking for something different in the realm of rock music, the reunion of alternative rock band Groupoem is the answer to your bored ears. This band, consisting of the following members, took a big hiatus but now they’re back with 18 tracks:


Members/Instruments :

Terry Robinson – Songwriter all music, lyricist, all guitars

Marph aka Mr Science – Lyricist, Vocals

Christopher “Flea” Lee – Drums

Darren Katamay : Bass guitar


This band got started in the early 80s, first known as Mr. Science. In 1986 they changed their name to Groupoem. In 2014 they decided to regroup, after 25 years of separation. If you’re a fan of musicians and bands like Nick Cave, Husker Du, Green Jelly, Gwar, or Butthole Surfers, you will find enjoyment in this music. You will be glad this band has made a comeback, intends to tour, and is already planning on another album.


The music performed by Groupoem is hard to describe. It’s an eclectic mix of punk and progressive rock. It’s almost like poetry set to music, but the singing is more spoken word than vocals, yet more than just talking. Every single song has an interesting sound, while you can still tell you’re listening to this same band (it’s all in the vocals). The vocals are extremely distinctive.


If you want to give this creative band a listen, the entire album can be found on Spotify. The band did a documentary for their crowdfunding campaign, in order to bring back the band, and for a tour. You can view this interesting video here:

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