Freddie Nelson’s Hey Doll Single

Written By: Yvonne Glasgow

He looks like a rock star and he sounds like a rockstar. Freddie Nelson is releasing his first solo album in early July and it’s something that every rock music lover needs to listen to. It’s been a long, long time since I was impressed this much with a rock album. He has a sound that is current, he has a great vocal range, and he plays a mean guitar.


He’s been writing and recording the songs for Shake The Cage since 2015, so it’s also been a long, long time that this album has been coming.


Freddie is no stranger to music or rock and roll. He played his first professional gig when he was only 11 and he grew up working as a musician. He started as a guitarist and songwriter and then added singer to his expanding list of talents in 2001.


He recently released a single from his upcoming album. Hey Doll is an excellent song. It’s one of those slow rock ballad kind of songs. A love song with a beat and some bite. While the song says he’ll make it all about the girl, the video seems to be all about him. If you don’t want to watch Freddie’s mouth, teeth, hands, etc. for the duration of the song (if you appreciate a good looking gentleman, you may enjoy it), you can also listen to it on Soundcloud. It’s worth listening to.


If the rest of the album is anything like this track it will be a true rock fan’s wet dream. Freddie is damn talented. You also have to respect the fact that he did all of the writing and producing himself, as well as all of the musical and vocal performances (“with the exception of drums performed by the legendary Thomas Lang”).


Check out the video for Hey Doll  here:

Or listen to it here:

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