Fire From The Gods’ Narrative Retold

Written By: Heather Asbury

Fire From The Gods

Narrative Retold

Rock/Pop/Alternative Metal/Industrial Metal

Rise Records

May 19 2017

AJ Channer – Vocals

Jameson Teat – Guitar

Drew Walker – Guitar

Bonner Baker – Bass

Richard Wicander –Drums

The sophomore release, Narrative Retold, by Fire From The Gods is actually a re-release of their 2016 album Narrative with two new tracks produced by Jonathan Davis of Korn.  This is a volatile album which is the perfect storm of metal melody and hip-hop angst.  It has a mosh pit inducing feel paired with an equal mix of harmonious grooves.  This record is socially and politically charged with lyrics being drawn from lead singer AJ Channer’s own life.  Channer describes the direction of this record perfectly stating “This album is the personal narrative of a minority man living in major cities and being American.”  He goes on to further explain this by saying “There are a lot of issues and energy people are expressing along with misguided hate and anger.  I want to channel this in music that can resonate.  This is where we come from and who we are as a band.” 


 Narrative Retold is a powerhouse of insanely heavy riffs, delivered by guitarists Jameson Teat and Drew Walker, with AJ Channer spitting out its’ intense, brooding lyrics.  This, paired this with Bonner Baker’s deep, heavy bass lines and Richard Wicander’s machine-gun pace on percussion, makes the listener want to get up and move with its aggressive, energetic sound.  Narrative Retold is a well-rounded album offering the listener a wide array of songs, from fiery and raucous to mellow and harmonious. 


A perfect example of what Channer describes above can be heard on the thought-provoking and frenzy-inducing new release “The Voiceless.”  This track, produced by Korn front man Jonathan Davis, packs head-banging hooks and a harmonious chorus declaring “take a look and see it’s not only me but yet you call us the voiceless, you can’t hear me cuz you’re not listening that’s why you call us the voiceless.”   The song accurately describes the message the album intends to convey.   Channer stated “I want people to feel empowered when they listen to this record…come out of the experience knowing somebody thinks like you.  You’re not alone.”  “The Taste” is the second of the new tracks and showcases Channer’s powerful clean vocal abilities.  Unlike “The Voiceless” this song possesses a slower tempo and mellower sound throughout. 


Continuing with the mellower sound of “The Taste” are tracks such as “End Transmission”, “Evolve”, and “Into the Blue” that are melodious and rhythmical. However, there is no lack of heavy, aggressive songs on this album.  Songs like “Public Enemy,” “Diversion,” and “Pretenders” pack a powerful mosh inducing frenzy capable of turning a lone listener into a one man pit. 


All in all I would give this album a 3 out of 5 star rating and definitely would recommend it to all.  This album is available now for purchase and can be streamed on various apps and web sites.  The band has gained an extensive fan base with their catchy, heavy music and on-going touring.  You can catch the band on the road through the end of July.


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