Ezra Vancil’s You

Written By: Yvonne Glasgow

Ezra Vancil is a Dallas singer/songwriter that has a new album coming this spring that is a little different than most of the music you might pick up at the store. It’s not different because of the sound, or the instruments, or anything like that. What makes it different is that Vancil decided to create an album full of songs about his relationship with his significant other.

Instead of focusing on how he felt about each song he wrote and created, singularly, he designed songs that both he and his partner would love and feel some connection to. This, essentially, makes You a “History Of Love”, which is also the name of one of the songs on the upcoming full-length album.
With a warm sound that epitomizes the roots of singer/songwriter, Vancil’s upcoming album is a collection of love and calm, and beauty.
“Complicated Man” is a delicate song that sounds like it might be about when he first met his future spouse. “She don’t know me,” the lyrics say. It’s because he’s a complicated man (Aren’t they all? It’s a human trait, right?).
The guitar on “Wild Girl” is exquisite. This beautiful song will make you fall in love, with the music and with whomever you’ve been considering falling in love with. Vancil’s vocals are spectacular.
“Settle Down Good” has a country vibe to it. It’s a nice happy song that makes you want to get up and move. 
This is just a glimpse of what will be on this much-anticipated album. Keep up on Vancil and this release at http://www.ezravancil.com. It’s going to be a five-star masterpiece for sure.
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