Erich Mrak Makes Music To Move To

Written By: Yvonne Glasgow

Erich Mrak isn’t new to making music. He’s been writing songs since he was 7, now at 21 he’s got a few good tunes up on Soundcloud that are worth listening to. His newest track, “With You,” sounds kind of like a blend of old school Snoop Dogg with Macklemore. It’s a song about relationships. In fact, in a direct quote from Mrak himself, he said, “The song is about the indecisiveness between two people, with regards to committing to a relationship, and if it is ideal for their current lives”.


I found the song to be a tight blend of hip-hop and dance music. It’s getting great feedback on Soundcloud and for good reason. It’s a well-made song that has an awesome beat. I couldn’t just listen to it once either.


I also took a few minutes to listen to some of the other music he has available on his Soundcloud and I liked it all. While his two latest songs both feel like they share the same beat, in a sense, his other music sounds completely different (in the beat area, that is). His lyrics and vocals are distinctly his own, though.
Listen to “With You” on Soundcloud:

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