Eric Frisch’s Late In The Night

Written By: Yvonne Glasgow

Eric Frisch is an acclaimed NYC indie pop artist, for good reason. His music is dreamy and amazingly put together. He has talent beyond measure and the four songs on his new EP just aren’t enough for anyone that loves the music he is putting out there. His music is described as combining the “elements of 50s and 60s pop music with a more modern sound.” His music makes me think of bands like The Beatles.

In fact, the first track on this new EP, “As Long As I’m Alive,” has a bit of a Beatles vibe to it. But it’s something more than that sound as well. The piano on the song really fills it all out. It’s a good introduction to what you’ll hear from the other three the rest of this newest release from a talented musician.

The title track, “Late In The Night,” is amazingly beautiful. You get to feel and hear the depth of Frisch’s vocal talents in the words of this song. It’s also a song that evokes visions and emotions. It is well written and beautifully performed.

All of the songs really have an old school pop feel to them, but “Turn On Your Light” also has kind of a country sound to it. You can hear the twang in the guitar, even though you won’t really hear any in the vocals. It’s a song country fans and people that dislike country will both still enjoy.

The final song on this EP is “Loved You All Along”. This song really slows things down a bit and in the beginning, it really focuses on Frisch’s vocal with the background music is very light and tuned down. This one definitely has that 50’s feel and will have you itching for some Frankie Valli.

You can listen to and purchase this EP here:
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