Drowning Pool At The Tally Ho Theatre 12-18-2016

Written By: Eric Littman

Sunday December 18th as I was driving to the Talley Ho Theatre in Leesburg, Virginia it occurred to me that I’ve never been to the venue.  In all the years living, and growing up in the tri-state the fact that I had never been to the venue seemed strange to me. None the less my focus was on one thing where the hell was I going and holy shit I’m getting to see Drowning Pool in a close intimate setting on the tail end of their “Not so Silent Night Tour”

As I walked into the Talley Ho Theatre there was an instant nostalgic and yet humbling feeling that came over me.  As I looked around the walls I saw the posters and candid shots of various musical artists and the history of the theatre spoke to me. And as if someone switched a light on inside meI realized hey I’m here seeing yet another Iconic band one that I have followed for 20 years. From the early years as part as their Street Team and through all  the highs and lows of their career and in that moment as a fan a sense of pride came over me because tonight was more of a celebration of who Drowning Pool has become

As the last of the tracks played out through the sound system in the theatre the fans, the crowd was working itself up into  a frenzy with anticipation of Drowning Pool.  The night had already been un imaginable with the talent that had already graced the stage.  Red Tide Rising though it being my first time seeing them they were phenomenal, and we were treated to a special guest fill in on bass guitar Jasen Moreno himself pulling double duty, but that was just the start. As 9Elecrtic took the stage I will admit I was blown away. The energy from everyone in the band was contagious, and the crowd responded. And as we the fans caught our breath Gemini Syndrome took the stage taking all of us to a heightened level of consciousness. Then it happened as if the hell had blasted the roof off the Talley Ho Theatre the crowd erupted with a thunderous and deafening roar as Drowning Pool appeared from the darkness.  Instantly Jasen proved why he is such an amazing front man without skipping a beat or showing any fatigue he took the crowd, the fans for a ride with songs from 20 years of Drowning Pool. With C.J. Pierce on guitar, and Steve Benton on bass and Mike Luce on drums we were all one a family experiencing songs from the old school Drowning Pool days like “Step Up”, “Sinner”,”Pity” and “37 Stiches” to “By The Blood” and “We Are The Devil” and if that wasn’t amazing enough the night was capped off with all 4 bands and crew on one stage performing “Bodies”

It was while I was walking out of the Talley Ho Theatre I thought that in all the different times or years that I have seen Drowning Pool this was truly one of the most memorable shows. Through the bands that shared the stage with them to Drowning Pool staying true to their belief and hearts that without the fans there would be no old school Drowning Pool, and without the fans there would be no Drowning Pool period and that no matter what Drowning Pool is no bigger than the family that support them.  Drowning Pool keeps pushing forward and defying the odds while remaining true to their style their music and their fans. Truly an amazing group of individuals and a band……

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