Doyle Speaks With Side Stage Magazine

Written By: Anya Svirskaya

Side Stage Magazine: How are you doing Doyle , thanks for taking the time to speak.

Doyle: I’m doing great how are you doing?


I’m alright. You’ve got a new album As We Die coming out on May 5th, what can you tell me about this upcoming release?

Well Doyle II  It’s on EMP. Our label Monster Man mixed in with EMP we are going to be  signing other bands.  We got Alissa and Michael Amott on a song called “Kiss Me As We.” And Randy Blythe on “Virgin Sacrifice.”   We got this new drummer who is fucking insane. He is just so good. Brandon Pertzborn.  I’m really proud of this record.


And you’re also going to be staring in your first movie “ Death Ward 13” what will your role be and will it feature your music?

Um I’m going to be a thespian. I have no idea what means I don’t have a script all I did was sign the contract. Yeah it’ll feature my music.


How has the vegan lifestyle affected you as an artist and your overall well being ? Was it  easy to make the change?

Yeah it was. There’s tons of options just go to the supermarket there’s tons of stuff there… It made it better. I am living a much better and healthier life. It’s easy.


You have your own line of hot sauce, but I was curious if you would ever consider doing a vegan style protein power and things like that, considering it’s such a big part of your life?

Yeah  I would,  maybe some time down the road.


You recently wrapped up your first solo tour  in Europe; congrats. How did that go, and what to you is the difference between playing for crowds overseas and in the states?

I enjoyed it  so much. Crowds there are actual fans. Here they want everything for free and watch you on their telephone instead of watching as you’re standing in front of them.


Correct me if I’m wrong ; you said that for Abominator you had about 40 songs, and you recorded 25 or so, but ended up using 18.

Doyle :They were all written. We had to write 9 or 10 more.


I’m sure you get this question a lot. In over 30 years…what was walking into that first rehearsal like?

It was funny and good times felt very natural. I’ve performed with Glenn at his shows and Jerry is my brother.


And finally. The Misfits reunited after 30 years to perform at Riot Fest last year. I’ve heard stories from friends who have seen the Misfits live back in the day they always have an interesting story to share.  For people like me whom were not able to attend the festival and were too young to experience those early shows. How would you feel about a tour on a larger scale  and album to go with it?

That would be sick wouldn’t it? Of course there’s hope. I think I would love it MORE than the fans. Hopefully we get to do another run.


And finally what is your message to your fans?

Don’t steal music, come to the live shows and don’t watch them on your phone.


and buy the merch?



Thank you so much for taking the time out to speak to me, all the best to you for the new record.

No problem, thanks.

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