Devilskin’s Be Like The River

Written By: Alexis Coleman


For New Zealand’s Platinum selling artist, Devilskin success has come from touring, a strong fan base along with writing music that touches hearts and soul through powerful lyrics and music.  Drawing sounds familiar to Evanesence, Halestorm, Pretty Reckless and In This Moment; Devilskin has its own unique fierce sound mixed with melodic undertones.  With Jennie Skulander (vocals), Nail (lead guitar), Nic Martin (drums) and Paul Martin (bass) who literally are all bound by blood ties through being related by family formed in 2010.  With their first album We Rise, released in 2014 it went right to the top of the charts, becoming Gold in only two weeks.  By Februrary 2015, the album had gone Platinum making them a household name. Touring mostly Europe and Australia, Devilskin has shared the stage with major acts such as Megadeth, Korn, Slash and Five Finger Death Punch to name a few.  They are a force to be reckoned with as their stage show is created around bringing passion to the fans through their music and bringing all of themselves to life  live.


 With the bands second full length album release, Be Like The River, on November 11, 2016, which title comes from a lyric “Be like a river and cut through the stone”; Devilskin wanted to create a statement about “reaching goals through perseverance and unwavering determination”.  This being one of the reasons why the band has had such great success.


The album’s title track “In Black” starts off strong with powerful vocals from Skulander with an undertone of sexy and sultry. Nail provides some raging solos, while both Martin brothers provide a strong percussion section.


“Voices” starting off slow-paced while building during the chorus is a solid song which message seems to be an ode to the band’s fans.  While “Believe In Me” and “Limbs” seem to be both different in nature of their sound, but both possess the power of being great Hard Rock ballads.  “Believe in Me” is sure to be a song the listeners connect with as a fan favorite with strong guitar performance from Nail and intense vocals by Stulander. Both Martin brothers seem to provide a steady Rock bass and drum presentation.


For fans of a more harder sound “ F.Y.I”, “House 13” and “Grave” will provide listeners with some aggressive vocals, lyrics and Hard Rock tone.  Skulander will even let out a few growls and screams adding to the depth and energetic sound of the songs.


One song on the album, that is different sounding from the rest, but worth mentioning for its unique and 1970’s reminiscent Rock sound is “Animal”.  With a hint of a ballad sounding orchestra playing in the background this sultry sounding song truly is going to be one that fans find themselves drawn to.


“Closer” is another song on the album that holds its own yet is unlike any other.  It’s a ballad with strings in the background and Nail strumming along on his guitar. It may seem like its simple in nature but with Skulander singing vulnerably and from her soul it will draw the listener into the song.

The closing track on the album, ends with the heaviest song on the album “We Rise.”  A fitting ending to an album that processes a little bit of something for every Hard Rock fan from heavy to softer sounding.  Be Like The River is well on its way to bringing more success and fans to Devilskin.

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