Demetrius N Vince’s Americana Soul

Written By: Yvonne Glasgow


Open mic night is an excellent time to meet future bandmates, get future gigs, and just check out great music that you may not otherwise see locally. This is what happened with Demetrius N Vince. They are an acoustic duo hailing from Chicago, IL, who met one another at an open mic night in 2016.


The two members of this fledgling group have a decent background in music, with Demetrius’ singer/songwriter/producer/DJ experience and Vince’s guitar/songwriter abilities. They’ve definitely created an interesting collection of songs with Americana Soul. They’ve created something that is new and unique, and it’s available on Amazon.


“Americana Soul”, the album’s title track and the first song, adopts some of the lyrics from “American Pie” and blends them with a song about their own Americana life. The song has an interesting beat that seems to blend an acoustic folk sound with a bit of an R&B beat. It’s a clever song and shows that this duo has something new and special to offer music listeners.


There are 10 tracks on this soulful album. One other standout song is “Slave.” The duo has put a video up for this one. It’s another soulful tune that will have you wanting to hear more. Check it out here,


Demetrius N Vince has collaborated to make some folk music with feeling. It’s a five-star album that will have you feeling nostalgic for old-school Americana while introducing you to a new sound.

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