Davey Suicide’s Made from Fire

Written By: Tiffany Linton

Hailing from Hollywood, California, Davey Suicide is cultivating the underground by fusing multiple genres and theatrics into their own “nu” brand of industrial rock. The band, which features Davey Suicide along with Drayven Davidson, Needlz, Niko Gemini, and Derek Obscura.


The group is due to release Made from Fire their third studio album to the masses on March 24th, 2017.  The long-anticipated album is the follow-up to “World Wide Suicide” and is the band’s first official independent album after a long legal battle with their former label.


Suicide exclaims, “All of this adversity tested us and forced us to learn how to survive. It could have ended us, but instead, we’ve created our most exciting collection of material to date as a result.” (Press Release 2017)


It just so happened that I was able to get my hands on a copy of Made from Fire before its release and I will definitely say I am absolutely impressed. I can easily say that this album is going to be in my top 5 albums for 2017.


The album opens with the most epic, almost “going to war” sounding intro. “Resurrection”, gets the listener pumped up for what is to come. The brief intro fades into what is the most anthemic song I have heard so far, this year. “Rise Above” is the epitome of a motivational song. Probably as motivational as it gets. The track was the first single that was introduced to the world from the album.


“Dancing with the Reaper” and “No Angel” are great follow ups. In fact, “No Angel” is sort of love song but not a love song. It’s kind of hard to explain into words but I guarantee you, once you listen you’ll understand why I say that.


I must say “Too Many Freaks” is one of my absolute favorite tracks on the entire album. I love the circus like intro and then how it goes right into a hard-hitting main instrumental before getting right into the heart of the song. I fell in love with the break down that introduced Twistd who is featured in the track with a killer rap solo. I have the utmost respect for an artist that isn’t afraid to mix multiple genres and make it work!


“Torture Me” is kind of an oxymoron. The lyrics “Follow me down the rabbit hole, love the way you pleasure me, love the way you torture me” caused me to tilt my head a bit. But you can use your imagination and put two and two together. “Anti-System Revolution” is an absolute anarchy driven song. You could consider it a “stick it to the man” kind of track.


I feel like I could write an entire book about how incredible this album is. “Paralyzed”, and the next few tracks after are all very catchy great songs. I must say the guys of Davey Suicide really knew what they were doing with this album. I am absolutely floored with the production and sound that these guys have.


Now my number one song for the album is the title track “Made from Fire”. This song honestly, if I could have a ringtone long enough, would be my ringtone. That is honestly how much I love the track. The powerful lyrics, “We’re made from fire, while others burn…rise from the ashes…made our return” depict the journey that this talented group of guys have been through. This song really made me smile listening to it. It was the first song that I happened to remember the lyrics to right off the bat.


Rounding out the album is, “End of the War”. This track is a powerful ballad with touching lyrics. I got a bit choked up listening to it. It is an emotional track with amazing guitars and accompanying drums. Trust me, when you listen to it, and I mean really listen to it, you’ll get choked up too.


From humble beginnings, to legal troubles, right into a triumphant return. Davey Suicide is a band you want to be on the watch for. Incredible and unique music paired with live theatrics really make these guys a force to be reckoned with. I am so thrilled to say that this is going to be one of my top albums for the year and I wish these guys continued successes.

You can currently catch Davey Suicide on tour with Dope during their “Blood, Lust, Death” Tour across the US through the end of April. Make sure you visit the band’s merch website and pre-order the album before it drops on March 24th at  https://www.daveysuicidemerch.com/

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