D.G. Adams Single ‘Vegas’

Written By: Yvonne Glasgow

Acts of terrorism and destruction happen far too often all around the world. Many musicians use this pain to passionately make songs that help people understand violence and heal from it. Some of those artists even do something good with those songs, to help the people that have suffered needless pain and loss. Much like D.G. Adams who recently released his single, “Vegas.” All proceeds from this song go to the survivors and families of the Las Vegas massacre that happened in early October.

“Vegas” starts out with kind of a country or vintage rock twang in the guitars. It leads to an acoustic song that is mellow and touching. The lyrics tell the story of terror in Vegas and the city of money and gambling. “So many lights have gone out tonight.” The female harmony on this song adds to its hauntingly beautiful sound. It’s a tear-jerker if you have a heart.

This isn’t the type of music that everyone will like to listen to, with an alt-country singer/songwriter vibe, but it’s an A+ song with an important message. You’ll be doing something good for people that have suffered something horribly tragic by spending less than a buck for the track on Amazon Digital. https://www.amazon.com/Vegas-D-G-Adams/dp/B076PMGKZF/

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