CZAR – Life Is No Way To Treat An Animal Album Review

Written By: Alexis Coleman

Sometimes taking chances and creating a unique sound leads to genius music making which can be said about CZAR’s latest album, Life Is No Way to Treat An Animal.

Mathcore extraordinaires, CZAR hailing from Tacoma, Washington seem to have found the right combination of progressive electronica music mixed with Gridcore and their own unique blend of sound.   In 2011, CZAR’s debut album,  Old Haunts came out.  Life Is No Way To Treat An Animal was released on January 20, 2017 and seems to have shown how the band has grown as artist and musicians forging their own style.

The band is made up of Dr. Landon Jared Wonser on vocals, Nicholas J. McManus on guitar, Peter Joseph Ruff on bass, Christopher Duenas on keyboard and David Joseph Dorran, Jr on drums.   The 19 track, Life Is No Way To Treat An Animal in many ways can be viewed as a concept album as all tracks are named after animals and seem to carry a theme.  However, what can be said is every song on the album has its own personal signature and style.  No two songs sound alike which makes for a great listen track by track.  

The first track on the album “Owl, etc.”  shows off some fancy guitar playing by McManus and some trippy keyboard playing that is eerie and futuristic by Duenas.  Mix in Wonser’s vocals and it welcomes listeners to the style and sound of the band.  The album consists of one song “Too Many Yetis” which is only twenty seconds long.  It allows the fan to feel the distorted futuristic sounding Metal melody added with an intense vocal performance by Wonser. This song proves no matter how short or long a track every inch of melody and sound has been arranged to perfection.

Another song that shows off some major chops is “The Worm Enters the Moon” that adds a slower sounding McManus strumming the guitar.  It  is melodic in many ways mixed in with futuristic sounding keyboard playing by Duenas.  Dorran and Ruff hold down a steady percussion section.  Wonser allows himself to sing speak the lyrics. This sure is to be a fan favorite.  

“Canine, No Eye Just Teeth” is a full on vocally spoken track with Hardcore and some Nu-Metal influence to it and should go noticed as a distinctive and important song on the album for listeners to embrace.  “You were a Comatose Line” and “Wine Hog” both seem to bring in traces of jazz and blues mixed with Mathcore making for some interesting musical directions.  Wonser provides singing and metal influenced vocals, while McManus truly can show off his versatile style of guitar playing. Dorran and Ruff provide percussion that is off the beaten path that adds some distinct sound. Duenas plays his keyboard creating the backdrop to the songs.

The last song on the album “Taking Roadkill To The Vet” shows how the album and band in their performance has come full circle. The song shows off a slow electronica performance that can almost in many ways mimic if someone was hearing a UFO land in the movies. It truly is a special experience for the ear.
CZAR has provided fans with a refreshing musical journey with their release of Life Is No Way To Treat An Animal.  Unlike anything out on the market today, CZAR has cut out its own niche allowing music fans to experience something new and exciting.

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