Children of Bodom At Baltimore Soundstage 12-16-2016

Written By: Eric Littman

On December 16th Christmas came early to Baltimore Soundstage! The holiday was upon us. The stockings were hung with care while the drinks flowed, and the room filled with laughter and cheer the children smiling with joyful anticipation as they waited for their gift…..

That gift of course was Children Of Bodom’s “I Worship Chaos Tour” a gift that any Metal Enthusiast’s would put on their list to Santa…

Children Of Bodom (18) days into the tour showed no signs of slowing down.  With the ravenous and devoted fans that have followed that band throughout the years the show quickly turned into metals version of the holiday dinner at the table with the family….if your family is hundreds of fans enjoying the music from a band spanning 20 years in the metal scene. The energy of the performance by Children Of Bodom could only be described as a melodic metal dance, that with its intricacies produced what we all embraced as the “I Worship Chaos Tour”

From the opening of their set Children Of Bodom were spot on. Proving to myself and all the fans just why it is we have this love and resounding respect for them, they crushed it. Spanning the 20 years of material they did a great job mixing the music that we as the fans have grown to love over the years.  With tracks like “Morrigan” and my favorite “Needled 24/7”, and “Hate Me” to of course “I Worship Chaos” I found it very hard not to be completely satisfied with the selection AlexI, Jaska, Henkka, Janne, and Daniel collectively Children Of Bodom chose to serve up to all of us. In the mind’s eye and to the listener’s ear the music told the story of Children Of Bodom.

Children Of Bodom however were far from done, as they came with more gifts providing  us the fans with an amazing supporting line up which fueled the fire and carnal energy that filled the room. With the opening of the show be handled by ONI, from Ontario, Canada giving a command performance to Exmortus out of Southern California proving that metal is not dead by any means to Norway’s Abbath the metal juggernaut leading us all to the performance of Children Of Bodom that was something even in the darkest metal imagination could have never seen or predicted.

December 16th Baltimore Soundstage Children Of Bodom’s “I Worship Chaos Tour” returned me to my roots deep within metal and birthed a resounding respect and admiration for the band and for the music making me feel like a fan who just was introduced to Children Of Bodom for the first time…..

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