Chevelle At The Fillmore Silver Spring 5-23-2017

Written By: Eric Littman

It was a dreary rainy day as I headed to The Fillmore in Silver Spring MD, but I wasn’t going to let the shitty weather damper my evening. Heck I was going to see Chevelle a band that I have followed since they first hit the scene back in 1995 when they themselves were the openers.


Walking up to the Fillmore you could see even in the rain the crowd starting to grow as everyone was waiting to see in my opinion one of the most powerful three piece bands to come out of the hard rock/alternative metal genre.


As we entered into the Fillmore there was a mad dash to the front of the stage as fans clamored for the perfect spot. The volume inside The Fillmore had its own intensity and the show hadn’t even started.


As the lights dimmed and the house music retreated in to a comfortable hush The Fillmore was introduced to Dinosaur Pile-Up, an alternative rock band from Leeds, West Yorkshire (England). Matt Bigland (Vocals and Guitar), Mike Sheils (Drums) and Jim Cratchley (Bass) whom had already been on some of the larger festivals this year proved on this night they are a band or a force to be reckoned with, through a style that has hints of the early grunge mixed with rock and even metal something all the fans at The Fillmore could sink their teeth into.


Aeges a 4 piece band out of Los Angeles California hit the stage next. Let it be said that I was surprised and amazed by this band. With their music that lyrically seemed almost mystical and accompanied by a thick almost prog-ish guitar sound provided by Kemble Walters (Vocals, Guitar), Cory Clark (Vocals, Guitar) and a shake the earth kind of foundation brought to the surface by Tony Baumeister (Bass), and Mike Land (Drums) Aeges future is surely unwritten and their potential is limitless.


It was time and yet even though I had seen Chevelle many times and had the pleasure to share the stage with them I had an excited nervousness almost as if it was my first time seeing them. The Fillmore went black and almost immediately the crowd roared and through the shadows we could see Pete Loeffler (Guitar, Vocals), Sam Loeffler (Drums), and Dean Bernardini (Bass) better known to us all as Chevelle take the stage. Chevelle left us the fans little time to catch or breath as they started their set with “Another Know It All” and “The Clincher” and through their hour set they left no stone unturned when it came to the songs they chose pulling from the past with songs like “Jars”, and “Vitamin R” to newer tracks such as “Face To The Floor”, “Door To Door Cannibals”, and “Hats Off To The Bull”.  As the lights dimmed and the night seemed over Chevelle burst back onto the stage treating us to and encore consisting of “The Red”, “Comfortable Liar”, ‘Forfeit”, and “Send The Pain Below” and much to their(Chevelle) pleasure there was not a quiet voice within The Fillmore as we sang right along with each song.


As I prepared myself to right this review I thought what was the one thing that stuck out to me? Honestly not trying to kiss ass I would have to say the consistency, the passion and honesty to their craft that Chevelle showed and shows every night it’s simple but powerful….

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