Butcher Babies’ ‘Lilith’

Written By: Alexis Coleman

The Butcher Babies just may have hit the jackpot with their latest album Lilith mixing a unique blend of melodic and heavy hitting tracks. The band has created something for everyone to enjoy making this album their best yet.

California natives and Heavy Metal rockers, Butcher Babies came on the scene officially when they got signed to Century Media Records in 2012 with the release of their debut album, Goliath followed by 2015’s Take it Like a Man.

Goliath gave the world a taste of what the band was about and put them on the the Billboard Heatseeker chart at #3.

Take it Like a Man gained even more success with singles such as “Monster’s Ball” and “Igniter” as the fan base started to grow even larger.

Butcher Babies are made up of Carla Harvey on vocals, Heidi Shepherd on vocals,  Jason Klein on bass,  Henry Flury on guitar and Chase Brickenden on drums.

Lilith makes this the third studio album for the band. It was released October 27, 2017 on Century Media Records. It was produced by Steve Evetts who worked with bands such as Dillinger Escape Plan and Suicide Silence. The album possesses the most diverse sound the band has ever produced in its career.

With melodic undertones, a lot more singing, sultry sounding tracks and lyrics, the band seems to have taken on a side that embraces a softer tone.  Do not let that fool you, Butcher Babies are coming full force with Heavy Metal and some Speed/Trash Metal “in your face” tracks that only the band knows how to deliver.

Lilith starts off with guitars, drums and bass blazing as Harvey and Shepherd come in with growls and their famous screaming vocals with “Burn The Straw Man”.  The song embraces everything that Butcher Babies fans have become accustomed to. There is an edge to the song that proves to be an introduction to the album and an even stronger and heavier sounding band.

It is fitting that the Lilith, the second track on the album with its heavy yet rhythmic beat intertwines with some strong vocals by Shepherd and Harvey that show off their singing voices that often do not get heard and will leave listeners wanting more.

Some of the tracks on the album will have fans in awe of the sultry, alluring and sensual nature is provided vocally in “Headspin”, “The Huntsman” and “Oceana”.  The great harmony by Shepherd and Harvey are balanced and mixed with the seductive musical accompaniment of Flury, Klein and Brickenden. This is something new that the band has added to their musical style.

It would not be a Butcher Babies album without some great Heavy Metal songs. However some of the songs go back to their roots of Trash and Speed Metal days with tunes like “#IWOKEUPLIKETHIS” and “POMONA (Shit Happens)”.  With these fast paced, in-your-face songs and screaming vocals, and heavy riffs in double time; listeners will sure have their horns in- the-air head banging along to the music.

The album as a whole is truly a ride taking you from Heavy Metal heaven to melodic bliss.  The last track “Underground and Over-Rated” ends Lilith with a Heavy Metal rhythmic style sound.  It is one of the heaviest songs on the album and is fitting to end the album as it embraces and wraps up the sound and vibe the band has provided throughout the musical journey of Lilith.

Butcher Babies have been known for its strong Heavy Metal riffs and in- your-face vocals.  Lilith provides a new side of the band that embraces both heavy and lighter sound that blend together perfectly, creating an album that truly is  the best work yet.

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