Blacktop Mojo At The The Roadhouse Saloon 7/28/2017

Written By: Melissa Clark

Idaho Falls, ID was lucky to have Blacktop Mojo stop by The Roadhouse Saloon Friday night. These rockers from Palestine, TX have been out on tour after releasing their second album, Burn The Ships, in March.


In the Backyard, so to speak, of The Roadhouse Saloon you find a nice patio, green grass, horseshoe pits and a fairly small stage. What better of a setting for a rock show on a summer night could one hope to find? Yes, it was a rather small venue but intimate shows can be a lot more fun and exciting for the listener and the performer. A local favorite, Dirtee Little Richards, started the evening off with their own renditions of classic rock favorites. The crowd was primed and ready for Blacktop Mojo.


Matt James vocals are soulful and gritty, giving the rock a southern vibe. They have a groove with their music that works out so pleasantly for the ears. The crowd of people grew larger as the music continued. People started to sway their hips and really feel the music. There wasn’t a lot of stage to move around on but the five men made use of what area they had, giving the people a show. Lead guitarist Ryan Kiefer, in his black hat and shirt flashed some smiles and really let his love of the music show, especially in his solos.


The intensity of their set grew as the show continued. Bringing in slightly heavier rock riffs and beats. They sound so polished and put together, even though they have only been together four and a half years. They were a treat for the people of this area, almost a country blend in their tone. Definitely something worth checking out if they stop in your city.