Bayside Vacancy Tour 5-17-2017

Written By: Eric Littman

Wednesday May 17 the Baltimore Soundstage was SOLD OUT!! The line of fans to enter stretched literally around the block. Why you may ask?? Well it was to see and be a part of The Vacancy Tour feature Say Anything, Bayside and Hot Rod Circuit probably one of the best overall Rock tours out right now.


As we the fans were given entrance to Baltimore Soundstage the hierarchy of who would get the front row spots was quickly answered as fans rushed to the front of the stage to post up like solders marching into battle as they waited for the evening to start.


The night was started by Hot Rod Circuit, an amazing emo band from Auburn, Alabama. Having never heard Hot Rod Circuit I was at a bit of a disadvantage. However my nervousness and wonder were quickly put to rest thanks to the amazing vocal work and delivery of Andy Jackson as well as a tremendous ensemble of sound delivered by Casey Prestwood (Guitar), Joe Ballaro (Bass) and Mike Poorman (Drums).


As I caught my breath and looked around Baltimore Soundstage there was a mass of humanity that covered every inch of the building and it was for good reason, as we waited for Bayside and Say Anything.


Baltimore Soundstage went dark, as the time had come for Bayside to take the stage. A single spot light shined as if the heavens had opened up and before us stood Anthony Raneri (Vocals). As if perfectly choreographed the remaining members Jack O’Shea (Guitar), Nick Ghanbarian (Bass), and Chris Guglielmo (Drums) took the stage and entered into a set that was nothing less than phenomenal. I have to admit being a late bloomer to Bayside but that didn’t sway me from becoming totally immersed in the show, and coming away with the single thought of this is what a rock show should be.


I wondered how this evening could get any better and Los Angeles, California would answer that question with the arrival of Say Anything. This high energy rock band showed just how thankful they were to Baltimore Soundstage in their blistering set that left everyone in the SOLD OUT crowd wanting more. Max Bernis (Vocals), Jake Turner (Guitar), Parker Case (Keyboards), Coby Linder (Drums), and Adam Siska (Bass) collectively Say Anything’s performance could only be described as ferocious on this night at the SOLD OUT Baltimore Soundstage. It was truly an amazing night and one of the best overall rock shows I have been to in many years. 

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