Barb Wire Dolls’ Rub My Mind

Written By: Alexis Coleman


The Barb Wire Dolls bring a mixture of punk rock and grunge music infused with their own style and sound proving they just might be this era’s new wave of the Riot Grrl movement.


The Riot Grrl movement started back in the 1990’s with bands such as Hole, L7 and Babes in Toyland.  Made up mostly of female members the bands were grunge and punk based.  The movement came about by female band wanting a chance to be respected as musicians in a male dominated scene and have a chance to rock out on their own.


Barb Wire Dolls hailing from Crete, Greece formed in 2010 with their refreshing punk, pop-rock and grunge feel with a 2017 twist. They have a reminiscence in their sound of a time that was decades ago but not forgotten and helped pave the way for some very strong female dominating acts in the rock world.  


Although, the band is not 100 percent made up of woman, Barb Wire Dolls is a band that conquers up artists like Blondie and The Runaways in their sound but do not be fooled they have a unique vibe all their own.


The band is made up of Pyn Doll on lead guitars, Iriel Blaque on bass, Remmington on rhythm guitar, Krash Doll on drum and on vocals is Isis Queen.  With the recent release of their third studio album on July 7, 2017, Rub My Mind  on Motorhead Music the music and lyrics are about the “state of the world, how to deal with it and how to escape it”.  Recorded at Joshua Tree in Rancho De La Luna, CA and produced by Jay Baumgardner (Bush, Evanescene) this album is dedicated to the late great Lemmy Kilmister who personally signed the band to the label.


Rub My Mind starts off with a true punk rock song and like most they have a social statement they want to tell. “Back in the USSA” is no different with its sarcastic undertone that will be weaved through many of the songs on the album.


The second song on the album has a story behind it having to do when the band met a 15-year-old fan who expressed to them her wanting to end her life.  Queen having struggled in her youth with suicidal thoughts was personally touched by this young woman’s message. “If I Fall” was penned with the topic about wanting to give up and suicide at its core.  Deep down it is a message of hope; it is a powerful pop-rock song.


Some songs on the album that are sure to be fan favorites are “Desert Song” with its acoustic rock vibe and its rhythmic feel plus vocal performance in the refrain,  will truly touch all those who listen to it.  Another is “Call Me” it has some fun sarcastically spoken word sections and wild screams. This punk-rock tune brings to mind the later works of the band Hole.  “We are Champions” is a mostly bass and percussion song that holds true to its punk-rock roots.   For those listeners who like a little more gritty and rebellious  song then “Contract” is for them.  This song truly embodies what the punk world and style is all about with its dirty lyrics that have a satirical side.


Barb Wire Dolls not only embraces the punk side of rock but did bring in some acoustic guitars making the songs something fans do not want to overlook.  “Fade Away” is a slower song on the album with acoustic guitar laying over an electric guitar playing in the back.  At one point there is an electric guitar solo which in many ways is telling its own story note by note. Queen provides a vulnerable and melodic vocal performance that is stunning.


“Fire to Burn” is an acoustic rock song that embraces the cowboy spirit with its reference to the lifestyle in the tune at certain sections.  The last song on the album, “Waiting To Be Lost” is an acoustic pop-rock song that has a personal statement that brings all 13 songs full circle.  It truly is a beautiful song that is a perfect way to end the album.


Barb Wire Dolls have a lot to say and are using their lyrics and music as a platform for it,  bringing punk and grunge to an up to date sound. They have a refreshing style that is all their own.  Rub My Mind is an album that truly embraces the spirit of punk and shows the group off as pioneers who tell their stories in exciting ways.


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