Avery LR’s Surviving

Written By: Yvonne Glasgow


Rap fans will really dig this mixtape album from Avery LR. For those that don’t know, Avery LR has been in the underground hip-hop scene for about 6 years. He has a classic rap sound that makes you think of old school stuff like N.W.A., minus the hatred of police and time in jail. He speaks from life experience, having “spent most of his adolescence being shuffled all around the state before moving to Colombia with his grandmother, where she taught Avery the dangers of drugs and crime,” according to his bio. Because of her lessons, including making prison trips with him, Avery opted to put his focus in music instead of crime.


That’s the one thing that makes his music different than N.W.A. He is focused on the right side of things. He has songs talking about suicide, sexual abuse, and more.


This mixtape album, which came out in January, is a 27 song mixtape that includes new music, as well as songs from previously released videos. On some songs, like Dreams, Avery LR has a voice that seems to resurrect Tupac (maybe it’s the beat or maybe it’s the words).


This is a great collection of rap tunes that will make you think and feel. It’s an album that even the novice rap fan or occasional rap fan would enjoy listening to. Avery has a great voice. His raps are tight. It’s definitely for adult ears only, though.


You can check the album out here: https://soundcloud.com/user-542851825/sets/surviving-mixtape-2017

There are also a couple videos available on YouTube for songs off this compilation:



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