Autumn Kings’ Illusion

Written By: Yvonne Glasgow

When young bands come out and have a really good, tight sound, it makes me really happy. The first time I listened to Autumn Kings new song “Illusion” I was mesmerized. It has a very Latin sound, reminiscent of a Ricky Martin type of dance music, but with more of a rock edge. It’s hard not to compare the sound of this band with the collaboration of Santana with Rob Thomas on “Smooth.” It’s comparable to these things, but it also has a fresh sound all it’s own. It could be that they are just that talented.


If you like rock music that makes you want to get up and dance, this is a song for you. They just released the album this song is on, ‘Silver Screens.’ If the rest of the album is as good as this release it’s sure to make a name for itself. If you like what you hear in this one song, check out some more of the music on their YouTube channel. I really enjoyed their originals and covers.


Speaking of making a name, the Autumn Kings got their big break last year when they entered a contest to go on a 70-stop tour and were chosen. They are a fledgling Canadian band with a great beat and great spirit. The year before they beat 70 other bands in a Battle of the Bands put on by Michigan’s 89X.


The video for “Illusion” is pretty simple. It goes back to a fresh time when music videos were all about the band and them playing. You almost feel like you’re watching them live, right there at the house show.


You can watch the video on YouTube:

Or listen to the song on SoundCloud:

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