Art of Anarchy At Revolution Bar and Music Hall, Amityville, NY 4/3/17

Written By: Alexis Coleman

Art of Anarchy rocked a fan filled Revolution Bar and Music Hall on the opening night of their tour proving these world-renowned musicians know what it that’s to bring down the house.


Some may call Art of Anarchy a Supergroup due to the famous line up, but the band is certainly redefining what that term means with their debut album, The Madness and their first official tour being opening night at Revolution Bar and Music Hall in Amnityville, NY on April 3.


The night started out with Lubricoma hailing from Long Island, New York.  This progressive rock band had a lot of energy and that shined through their live show.  The band made up of Charlie Adrianus Parks on vocals/guitar, Lou Panariello on drums, Michael Domanico on keyboard/synthesizer and Nick Formont on bass were in their element when they covered Depeche Mode’s “Enjoy the Silence “during their set.  Lubricoma have a strong stage presence that resonates out to the crowd and the band embraces the fans.


Following Lubricoma was New York City’s own MoTHER.  The band consisting of Nick Fargo on vocals/piano, Johnny Bass on bass,  Dan Tragila on drums and Mike Growen on guitar/piano seem to  get the crowd moving with their in your face Hard Rock set.  On tour promoting their latest single “Medicine”, the band seemed to be a fan favorite.


The band embraced their music by rocking out on stage to their songs and interacting with fans.  A special treat, was when Fargo announced the band would cover Alice in Chains “Rooster”. . MoTHER is defiantly a band worth looking out for as they have a bright future.


Main support for Art of Anarchy hailing from New York City was the infamous Madame Mayhem.  The crowded venue got excited as Madame Mayhem and her band got on stage.  Those who were not familiar with Mayhem (as she often is referred to) would soon be!  The band consists of Madame Mayhem on vocals, Joey Regulbuto on guitar, Ryan Bennett on drums, Percy Trayanov on bass and Gogi Randhawa on guitar.


The energy on stage could be felt throughout the Revolution Bar and Music Hall.  Mayhem’s style of singing is powerful and melodic mixed with her stage presence that can go from head banging  to dancing.  Fans got a treat as to witnessing a set full of new unreleased songs mixed in with some older favorites.  The band was truly embracing every note they were playing giving all of themselves and rocking out along with Mayhem.


Trayanov and Bennett make for one of the strongest percussion sections accompanying one another and the band.  Regulbuto is a seasoned guitarist who plays some killer solos along with Trayanov singing background and harmonies during the set.  Mayhem was  not afraid to give all of herself during the show.  In many ways, the music seemed to take over and she becomes a force to be reckoned with. Fans loved her performance and stage interactions as she would stand on the stage risers and sing or rock out during songs.


What makes a Madame Mayhem show special is that everyone in the room can feel her presence and energy along with the bands.  The fans seemed to have embrace Mayhem at the Revolution Bar and Music Hall as they scream and yelled for more.  Those that came that were not fans defiantly left as one.


As the lights went out and Art of Anarchy were ready to come on stage the crowd started screaming and yelling waiting impatiently for the band to start their set.   Music could be heard one of Middle Eastern style as the clear-see-through drum kit starting flashing lights around the rim of each drum head. The colors were blue, green and red as a mist started pouring over the stage making the perfect rock setting.


As each member of Art of Anarchy came on stage the screams from the fans became louder and more excitable.  As the band opened their set with “Echo of a Scream”,  the intensity and powerhouse performance took over  each of the members bodies as they lived out every note and lyric. As the song ended, Scott Stapp stated “Let’s do this. I need a little guitar in my life.” As he started clapping his hands as fans followed in unison as “1,000 Degrees” began with Jon Votta on guitar did a solo.


Art of Anarchy consists of Scott Stapp on vocals, Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal on guitars, John Moyer on bass, Jon Votta on guitar and Vince Votta on drums.  As “1,000 Degrees” ended it was obvious that Stapp’s presence on the stage is like he owns it.  He is a seasoned veteran in the lead singer realm and he knows how to get a crowd moving along with allowing himself  go wherever the music takes him.


The first two songs brought a powerful and excited to be performing for the fans energy, as he headed into the next song “No Surrender” it was no different.  He could be found on the riser singing and walking back and forth.  Bumblefoot provided throughout the set amazingly beautiful and powerful Hard Rock guitar playing.


He seems to be one with his guitar, it almost is a part of him and he is a passionate player while soloing on songs such as “Won’t Let You Down” or “A Light in Me”.   He also has a great sense of humor which was shown during the encore right before the band was going to play “Changed Man”


Stapp has previously mentioned thanking the fans for coming out to the first show and thank you for dealing with some kinks.  When Bumblefoots guitar went dead he stated “What was that about working out the kinks”. During the whole time the guitar tech and Bumblefoot were working on getting the guitar to play he was light-hearted and joking. The fans were totally understanding and laughing.

It was an endearing moment during the set.  When his guitar died for the second time right after the first the band was smiling, waiting patiently and supported the band with screams of encouragement. This just proved how much of professionals and seasoned veterans the band is because they just played it off and the fans understood it.


Moyer is a force to be reckoned with on bass as he has his own style and persona.  He plays bass differently from other do and he is great with interacting with fans. He could be found squatting down playing his bass and singing to fans. He also, started off songs with clapping his hands or during songs to get fans to participate which they did with enthusiasm like with “Dancing with the Devil”.


He also plays off his fellow band mates standing face to face with them especially with Jon Votta.  Speaking of Jon Votta he is a talented guitar player whose solos are killer.  Even though he and his brother, Vince who plays drums are the two lesser known of the band they truly shine with the way they play.  Jon when soloing gets very into his playing and the fans went crazy when he did.  When not soloing his could be seen rocking out to the songs.


His brother Vince on drums, even though in the back would not unseen or go unnoticed by fans. He played heavier and softer drum parts with edge and seemed to impress the crowd with his own clear-see-through drum kit that flashed lights.


Overall, the band played an eleven song set, which was the whole entire album, plus “Til the Dust”.  The band played two encore songs, which was the peak of the show since the fans were going crazy waiting for the band to come on and play.  They were screaming, banging on the stage and yelling. The band came on and sang “Changed Man” and finished with “The Madness”.
 The whole set was an intense Rock show that had Stapp interacting with the fans after every song by either introducing a song or saying thank you.  The entire band was head banging, singing along and walking around the stage making sure to entertain everyone. One thing can be said it may have been the band’s first show but they put on a true Hard Rock show and it will not be there last if their fans have anything to say about it.   

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