Aradia’s Single ‘CEO’

Written By: Yvonne Glasgow

Aradia is an electropop artist that has been studying music her entire life. This new song, “CEO,” is a powerful and uplifting song. The lyrics tell the tale of someone that is just looking for happiness and the ability to do what they love. But then reality hits so they power through in order to be a success.
The video for “CEO” is amazing. It tells a story about a struggling artist that does what it takes to find success, but do you need to do it by stepping on people? You definitely want to continue being yourself, and that is what Aradia’s message is.  Here is the video:
It’s cool to find out that Aradia ran a crowdfunding campaign to get help getting the money to make this video as well. It was a way to show people that they can do what they want to do without compromising their beliefs or creativity. 
Aradia has a couple difference mixes of this electropop dance song available for listening on Spotify. The “Boss Mix” has a groovier beat to it than the original. The “Him&Him Remix” gives the song more of an 80s R&B vibe, kind of Michael Jackon in the Thriller years meets rave music at its most pure. 
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