Anthrax’s For All Kings Limited Edition 7-inch Vinyl Box Set

Written By. Michelle Barron

Can’t get enough Anthrax? 

For All Kings, the bands 7-inch Box Set, scheduled for public consumption via MegaForce Records on March 24th 2017, promises to deliver a dose heavy enough to quench even the most ravenous of appetites. The set, includes 10 multicolored vinyl discs featuring over 20 songs consisting of Album Versions AND numerous Demos. In addition, Anthrax incorporates several covers in the mix that this reviewer was tickled pink about!   Kansas classic “Carry On” is performed to perfection, honoring the original, yet very clearly flavoring this favorite with their own particular seasoning salt. Anthrax-ized version of the White Stripes song “Black Math” lasting only 3 minutes and 4 seconds is one of the shortest songs in the collection yet arguably a sure bet to be a fan favorite. 

 “Monsters At The End”, “Breathing Lightening”, “Suzerain” and “Zero Tolerance” offer both an Album Version and a Demo Version. While likewise “Blood Eagle Wings” and” Defend Avenge” round out the hexagon of tasty metal semi-behind-the-scenes treats that we consumers aren’t normally privy to. Allowing the listener to be a proverbial fly on the wall in regards to hearing what may not be perfection (via demos) delivered by a perfected group of musicians, borders on audible voyeurism.

The title track,”For All Kings” is a sublime display for Joey Belladonna’s unequaled vocals. He is accompanied by Scott Ian and Jonathan Donais’ inferno guitar licks, Frankie Bello’s bass chants and Charlie Benantes’ drum palpitations.

“Vice Of The People” a release previously available only in Japan, is equal to a shot of tequila to the ears: Strong, Jolting and Combustible.

This For All Kings Box Set is a veritable superabundance of stimulation for Anthrax devotees gifted directly from the band themselves in a gesture to Do More, Give More. Order it, sit on the floor, and open a Pandora’s Box of ear/eye candy, including original sketch art work by Alex Ross. Spread the buffet out and indulge in All that Is Anthrax.

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