Another Lost Year At The Dawg House 4/1/2017

Written By: Eric Littman

There’s a question that has stood the test of time. What makes a band? Is it the amount of albums they sell? Is it having a number #1 single or album? Are they signed?


For me it’s none of that. It’s the connection the band and the individuals in that band make with us the fans. If we the fans and listeners connect with the band on an emotional level and a cerebral level than the only thing that matters is as a family we are all having fun.


April 1st..Yes “April Fools Day” at The Dawg House in Waynesboro PA there was an overall feeling and wonder was this for real, we’re we going to see Another Lost Year our brother’s, our family?


It seemed like an eternity since I last saw this powerful 4 some. All day I found myself reminiscing about the last time I had seen Another Lost Year, and I was looking forward to seeing my friends again and catching up with them and talking about the tour and their newest album “Alien Architect”


As I walked up to the entrance of The Dawg House I was greeted by Clinton Cunanan (Singer) of Another Lost Year with a celebratory hand shake and hug just as if we we’re brother’s or family. We briefly talked about tonight’s show and our impending interview, and then Clinton excused himself as he returned to helping with the load in for the show.


Walking into The Dawg House it seemed surprisingly subdued. That however quickly changed as the fans started to arrive some even coming as far as 6 hours away, as well as fans that had been part of the 2017 Shiprocked Tour that Another Lost Year had participated in.


The evening started off with a kick in the ass as New Jersey’s own Spider Rockets took the stage, only to be followed up by yet another amazing and powerful band in the form of Ignite The Fire. The night though was just getting started next up was Never Say Die with former members of “My Darkest Days”. As Never Say Die worked the crowd into a feverish almost animatistic rage it was clear that the fans, the crowd wanted more. Finally the more that the fans were craving and thirsting for came as Another Lost Year took the stage.


Another Lost Year awoke a sleeping giant within The Dawg House and within all of us the fans. With the opening track off “Alien Architect” Wolves the beautiful chaos began.


The fans throughout the night were singing the lyrics to songs like “Writing On The Wall”, “Cop Car”, “Runaway” and “War On The Outside” so loud that there were moments that left Another Lost Year just standing in awe and listening.


As I thank you Another Lost Year gave all of us an amazing gift with tracks spanning their whole discography from “Revolution Part 1 and 2” to “Better Days” and of course “Alien Architect”.


With Another Lost Year taking all of us on this amazing ride I looked around and began to see one undisputable truth. All of us were sharing one universal bond, and that was to show Another Lost Year our unwavering allegiance to the individuals Clinton Cunanan, Adam Hall, Jorge Sotomarino, and Angel Delgado as well as the band, collectively known and loved by all of us Another Lost Year.

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