Andrew Goldring Takes A Chance With A Cosmic Dance

Written By: Yvonne Glasgow

Musicians change and grow as they hone their craft. You can often hear differences in their music from album to album and year to year. Usually, it’s just a growth, and the changes often aren’t enough for the layman to even notice. When it comes to the changes made by singer/songwriter Andrew Goldring, it’s hard to miss.


Goldring didn’t subtly change since his 2016 EP Heritage, it seems he has completely overhauled his style. Of course, this is only going by one single song, his new release Cosmic Dance. It’s a big change, but it definitely isn’t a bad one.


Cosmic Dance has a dreamy sound that makes it pleasing to the ears. If you take a moment to watch the video for the track you’ll feel even more intensely about the song, or I did anyway. It’s a very artistic video that adds to the appeal and the dreaminess of the song itself. I really loved the lyrics to this song. They will speak to the lives of many, with lines like “I keep running out of confidence” and “We’re waiting for death’s grip to leave our skin.”

Goldring is from Salt Lake City, Utah. He’s been doing the solo musician thing since last year, after singing for a couple bands. He definitely as a good sound, and could be compared to excellent solo musicians like Ryan Adams and even Neil Young. He’s one to watch. To get a full taste of his range I highly suggest you list to his new song as well as his solo stuff from last year. It’s worth it.

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