Amaranthe At Baltimore Soundstage 3/9/2017

Written By: Eric Littman

Thursday evening, Amaranthe returned to Baltimore, MD on their “Maximalism USA/CANADA Tour”. The tour is in support of their 4th album MAXIMALISM. The Baltimore Soundstage was the host of what was truly a memorable night as it was also my first time seeing Amaranthe live.  The loyal and dedicated fans of Amaranthe lined the side walk outside of Baltimore Soundstage on an awesome night. They talked about the last time the band was in the states and what was the last show they were lucky enough to see Amaranthe on, and I nervously and humbly waited to enter and be exposed to a band that so many were so passionate about.

As I stepped into Baltimore Soundstage the anticipation grew, as I imagined a band that I had only listened to on the radio or in my car would sound live. As I would quickly learn Amaranthe would not disappoint any of us. With roughly a year since the last time the Swedish juggernaut was in North America they were poised to excite, rejuvenate and breathe life into the diverse metal landscape. The fans and Baltimore Soundstage waited with open arms to embrace Amaranthe, and Amaranthe returned the love and admiration with a gift to all of us as they introduced us to a few friends that they brought along with them on the “Maximalism USA/CANADA Tour” in their Swedish brethren Smash Into Pieces, Cypher 16 from the United Kingdom, the powerhouse 4 some from Detroit Citizen Zero, and Greensboro North Carolina’s own Failure Anthem.

Amaranthe’s set was nothing less than an amazing story…. No better yet an Epic Novel read to us through the amazing vocals of Elize Ryd, and Henrik Englund Wilhemsson and bringing depth and emotion to this story for us the listeners were guitarist Olof Mörck,  bassist Johan Andreassen, and drummer Morten Løwe Sørensen. The novel that Amaranthe read to us spanned their 4 albums of music that has captured, inspired and given direction to fans since their self-titled album Amaranthe back in 2011, to 2016 MAXIMALISM. With songs such as “Maximize”, Boomerang” and one of my favorites “Fury” Amaranthe took the fan’s to and energy level that I have never witnessed, yet always remaining mindful of the passion and beauty of their music with songs such as “True” and “Endlessly”.

It was Amaranthe’s Olof Mörck that said “It is with great excitement that we can now confirm the next leg of our Maximalism World Tour: North America! A year has passed since our last visit and we have been looking forward greatly to return!” I think the fan’s, myself included are the ones that truly were given a gift by a band and a group of individuals that we will never forget, and that gift was the return of Amaranthe to Baltimore Soundstage.

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