Alter Bridge At The Fillmore Silver Spring 2/10/2017

Written By: Eric Littman

There’s a moment in each and every one of our lives, where the stars align and the moment is perfect and we enter into an almost euphoric bliss…..

Well on February 10th in Silver Spring Maryland at The Fillmore I experienced that moment, but on a scale that truly exceeded all expectations….


To say I was excited doesn’t even begin to explain what was going on inside me, and all of what I was feeling culminated into raw emotion and pure adrenaline as Alter Bridge took the stage…

Here I stood in awe of a group of individuals and a band that I was seeing for the first time live and all I could do was stand fixated almost in a trance letting my eyes, my mind, my soul be taken on a ride dare I say a journey spanning 10 years…..


As I stood amongst a crowd that over and over showed their love for Alter Bridge as well as Nonpoint and Weapons Of A New I wondered how does a band even begin to form a set list with the stellar material that Alter Bridge has given us over the years…


It wasn’t long before Myles, Mark, Scott, and Brian answered my with a resounding “Here you go” with the opening song being “The Writing On The Wall” off their newest release The Last Hero then taking us all back to 2007’s “Come To Life” from the Blackbird CD. It was clear to me as I continued to watch the show that Alter Bridge had created a masterpiece in the set that they chose for the show with such tracks as “Addicted To Pain”, and “Metalingus” as well as “Cry Of Achilles” and “Island Of Fools” as well as material spanning every one of their albums. Alter Bridge took me and the crowd on an amazing ride, and opened themselves up to all of us fans, and embraced us as one family.  Throughout the night Myles, Scott, Brian, and Mark showed their love and appreciation for us the fans with their interaction with each of us taking time to talk to us and share their amazing story and incredible journey over the past decade.

They also treated us to a few surprises along the way. With Myles playing “Wonderful Life/Watch Over You” acoustically with the crowd singing every verse right along with him.

The night for me was amazing and yes the word has been used and is a loose translation as it pertains to the raw emotion felt not only by myself but by every fan that was at The Fillmore in Silver Spring Maryland Friday February 10 2017.


But the icing on the cake though was the encore that Alter Bridge gave to us as their gift for our belief and love of the band as a whole and individually with the first single off The Last Hero; “Show Me A Leader” as well as Dueling Guitar Solo’s from Mark and Myles and finishing the night with the powerhouse track from Blackbird; ”Rise Today”.


As I headed home I embraced the idea and thought that just a few minutes ago I was part of something that was truly an epic event at least in my life, and that I was given the privilege of being a part of a memory that defined for me a true Rock Concert all thanks to Alter Bridge, Nonpoint and Weapons Of A New…..

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