Aeraco’s Baptized By Fire

Written By: Alexis Coleman


With musical influences from the 1980’s colliding with the current metal scene, Aeraco seems to have just the right ingredients to make a powerful Hard Rock band with solid vocals, a strong percussion section and killer guitar riffs.


Aeraco hails from Chicago, Illinois and made a name for itself with their debut album All or Nothing in February 2015. The band has shared the stage with many big name acts such as Dokken and Hollywood Vampires, not to mention they have played festivals and some of the most historic venues.


The band consisting of Ace on guitar/vocals, Misfit on drums, Spidey on guitar and Beast on bass has just released a brand new album on Dark Star Records, Baptized By Fire on July 28, 2017. The album shows off the members of Aeraco’s talents by displaying powerful lyrics and hard-hitting music performances.


Baptized By Fire starts off with a heavy rock tune “Back With Vengeance”.  The sound of rhythmic guitars pumping out chords that define the song’s melody mixed with steady percussion make for a great start to this hard rock track.  With a gritty spoken opening line “Guess Who’s Back!” by Ace with a tiny reminiscence of James Hatfield’s voice proves along with the killer music and lyric that Aeraco is back with a vengeance with the new album.


Some songs on the album that are sure to be fan favorites start off with the second track on the album “Cum To Rock”.  This track has a punk rock vibe to it with strong steady bass and drum section but then the song turns heavier making it a hard rock tune.  Ace’s vocals are strong and powerful and of course, the killer guitar solo that is played during the middle of the song will have fans blown away .


“Baptized By Fire” the title track of the album with its hard rock feel has an addictive percussion and guitar section.  With its catchy chorus and dueling guitar solo listeners won’t be able to stop themselves from becoming drawn into this tune.


With a hint of a Van Halen vibe to it, “Tequila and Lime” will hit home with a lot of fans as it truly embraces the 1980’s hard rock song.  “All I Know” is a slow ballad starting off with an electric guitar solo and melodic vocals. It brings in a slightly heavier sound with some percussion sections and a passionate guitar solo. It truly embraces a softer side of the band’s sound.


“In Vain” is another tune that embraces the 1980’s vibe but brings in a modern feel with soloing guitars and rhythm guitar mixing together making for a powerful  hard rock tune.  When drums and bass come into the mix they add to the feel of the song.  Fans will enjoy the hard rock number as it embraces the past and present of hard rock.

One song on the album that has a lighter feel to it with a great chorus and strong musical section is “Fighting The Fame”.  Its upbeat rock tempo adds a different vibe to the album showing off the many talents the band has with writing lyrics and music that are powerful yet embracing the rock genre.


Maybe the heaviest song on the album is the last, “The Outlaw”.  From the beginning of the song to the end this in your face vocal and musical piece takes you on a double time percussion and guitar journey that is sure to be a fan favorite for those who love heavier music with a rhythmic feel.


Aeraco is not only a band that has drawn its influence from the past and present hard rock scene but has created its own sound that is unique and powerful.  With killer guitar riffs gracing every song mixed with a strong percussion section and powerhouse vocals Aeraco is proof the true rockers are alive and well in the industry.  Baptized By Fire is a true display of how talented Aeraco is and how diverse the music proves to be with each song consisting of its own vibe and message.


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