Acoustic Pop From My Silent Bravery

Written By: Yvonne Glasgow

My Silent Bravery released a new album in March, Breakthrough. It’s an amazing acoustic album from Matthew Wade that has a sound that can be appealing to those of younger generations as well as older folks. It has a country pop sort of feel for some songs, and more of a straight-forward pop angle for others, both making you feel good as you listen and making you think.


“Endless Ecstasy” is a feel good song. Listening to it made me want to get up and dance, “Cuz we love to dance and sing.” The title track is a bit more thought provoking, but all of the songs really make you think. Wade not only has musical talent, but he knows how to write lyrics that you can relate to.


I really enjoyed watching the video for “My Silent Bravery.” The video works to try to tell a story while you also get to see Wade do what he does best, sing. If you’ve ever had relationship problems you might find a way to relate to this song (just watch the video).


If you like the pop music that has been coming out over the last decade but you’re itching for a toned down version of it, ‘Breakthrough’ is the album for you. It’s catchy and the lyrics are something those in their late twenties and above can really relate to.

Watch the video for “Face To Face” here:

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