Ace Frehley’s Anomaly (Deluxe)

Written By: Yvonne Glasgow

The album name may sound familiar to you on this one if you’re an Ace Frehley fan. The original version of this album was released in 2009. The first Anomaly has been expanded and turned into a deluxe version and is slated for an early September release. The album is a powerful rock masterpiece with great songs and, of course, lots of Frehley’s powerful guitar riffs.
If you’ve lived in a cave since the 70s, Ace Frehley is the original KISS guitarist (one of the greatest rock bands ever). 
“Foxy & Free” is a powerhouse and kicks off this great rock album. It has a sound that will appease any KISS fan, but it doesn’t sound so much the same that you’ll get bored hearing Frehley do the same old thing (it’s definitely not KISS, but it’s just as awesome). 
“Outer Space” gives you a fabulous taste of Frehley’s phenomenal guitar work. You’ll love that the guitars seem to speak to you and it’s a very prominent part of each song. The vocals are great. This was the first single from the original release.
This entire album, from the first song all the way to “Fractured Quantum”, is a rock lover’s dream come true. Frehley shows his talent as a musician and a songwriter. You’ll be hooked. Speaking of “Fractured Quantum,” this is an instrumental song that is very addicting. It has kind of a happy sound, but it’s full of great guitar.
The album also has three bonus songs. These include “Hard For Me”, “Return Of The Space Bear” (A follow up to an earlier track on the album simply titled “Space Bear”), and a slower version of another song on the album, “Pain In The Neck.”
Love rock? Love Kiss, or even just like them? Dig Ace Frehley? Even if you have a copy of the original Anamoly you’ll want to get your hands on this Deluxe version when it comes out.
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