1818 At The Stage House 12-9-2016

Written By: Eric Littman

Evolution: The gradual development of something, especially from a simple to a more complex form….

We all know the word, and for each of us it has a different meaning, idea or premise to what the true definition is or is not, it’s that free thinking that makes us human.

For me in the context of this review Evolution can be summed up with one word, one name and that is 1818.

It was in May of 2015, that an aggressive yet melodic Metal/Rock band was formed. 1818 while a strong band are as everyone in the band jokes a “Baby Band”. Just shy of two years into their infancy or birth 1818 have shared the stage with numerous national acts building and amazing and very loyal local and regional fan base. Yet with every passing show you can see, as I alluded to earlier their “Evolution” as individuals and collectively as a band.  This evolution can be heard in its purest form throughout the band’s debut EP “HIRAETH” with the diversity in each one of the tracks, from songs like “Seven” that take you by the throat from the moment the track starts to the track “Yesterday Calls Me Home” which is darker and sobering while melodic with a definite groove to the first single released “Bastard” which was Whit’s song she brought to the dance when she auditioned for 1818. 1818 show that they are not just a one-dimensional band. Their ability and range in vocal styling and lyric writing and their masterful skill on all levels show 1818 is a band that can hold their own with any bands they are fortunate enough to share the stage with, and they do this with a confidence. You can see that confidence grow in every broad stroke on their canvas as the paint their portrait of their continued success

As 1818 took the stage in Boonsboro, MD for their first show at The Stage House and one of their last few shows before the end of 2016 you could feel that this night this performance was going to be different something to remember.. The night also marked the count down to their 2017 tour run for Pavement Entertainment. On this night The Stage House was treated not only to an amazing performance by 1818 but also a raw emotional performance that truly captivated the audience. 1818 also brought the audience and fans a present as they surprised us all when they dropped a new song “Jane” for us all to try on and see what we thought.

As Paul (Vocals), and Cody (Guitarist) and Whit (Bassist) and Scott (Drums) played through their set at The Stage House you could feel this un-controlled frenzy begin to build inside The Stage House, and the fans were devouring that energy with every bite. It was in that feast of metal and rock that Paul took control taking myself and every fan on a journey through the experience that is 1818 at their rawest and most cerebral.

1818 engaged the fans young and old bringing the show to them, and dissolving the separation normally felt between the fans and artist, making it a euphoric and climatic journey into an intense live show. On Friday December 9th Paul, Whit, Cody, and Scott were our wonderful host on this memorable metal journey into your body, mind and soul. Leaving us all wanting and needing more and wondering what the next part of 1818’s evolution will be…..

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